Display Sterling Silver Thimbles In Your Home And During A Public Event

Sterling silver is durable and contains a high concentration of silver that is mixed with other metals. If you have begun a sterling silver thimble collection and own some replicas of specific thimbles that you will be selling at a fair or a community flea market, purchase two display cases for the thimbles and separate the thimbles, based upon which ones you will be keeping and which ones you will be displaying during the public event.

The Display Cases

If you have been purchasing sterling silver thimbles for a while, but have yet to display the pieces, having a couple of cases at your disposal will allow you to separate the pieces and get a grasp on how many items you own. Choose unfinished wooden cases that contain hinged doors or a sliding back piece, which can be used when accessing the thimbles.

Each case may contain either a glass or plastic front panel. This panel will keep all of the sterling silver collectibles inside of the slots that you have designated for them. If you are looking for a convenient way to transport the thimbles that you will be promoting during an event, choose a display type that is lightweight.

Customized the unfinished wood. Choose a blue, red, or green color of enamel or acrylic craft paint that will complement the silver color of each thimble, or select a paint product that will allow you to add a textured or marbled surface to the case. Since one case will remain in your home, to showcase your collectibles, choose paint colors that are complementary to the decor or furnishings that will be surrounding the display case.

The Information About The Thimbles

After customizing a set of cases, sort through your thimbles and decide which ones you will be selling. Clean each thimble and place it in its appropriate case. Use a collector's guide to determine the value of each piece. Use index cards to write down pertinent information about the thimbles that you own and the ones that you will be selling.

If you plan on using a table to set your wares on, affix the index cards to the backside of the case. Make a sign that advertises that you are selling sterling silver thimbles. When someone approaches your table and inquires about the items that you are selling, refer to your index cards and provide the individual with details about specific thimbles.