Creative Uses For Aqua Pearls

Aqua pearls have often been used to add color and texture to wedding centerpieces. While these water beads are certainly decorative in nature, they can serve many useful purposes as well.

If you are wondering what to do with the packets of aqua pearls you purchased at a craft fair or your local hardware store, here are two creative ways you can use those water beads around your home in the future.

1. Create an ice pack.

When you have sore muscles or a sprained ankle, the application of ice can help alleviate inflammation and pain from the injury site. Ice cubes can create a mess as they melt, but you can use your aqua pearls to create an effective and clean ice pack for your family to use in the future.

Start by soaking the beads in water according the manufacturer's directions. Once the beads have absorbed water and grown in size, add them to a sealable plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag tightly, taking care to remove any excess air from the inside of the bag as it is closed. Wrap the bag in a soft towel and place it in the freezer.

Once the aqua pearls begin to cool you can remove the compress from your freezer and use it as an ice pack that can be applied to your injury.

2. Create an air freshener.

If you want to add both style and a pleasant fragrance to your home, aqua pearls could provide a simple solution. Since aqua pearls have the ability to absorb the water in which they are placed, then retain this water over a period of time, you can easily convert them into a decorative air freshener for your home.

Start by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a big bowl of water. Next, add the water beads and allow them to soak according to the manufacturer's direction on the packaging.

Once the beads have absorbed the scented water, drain any excess water and place the beads in a decorative glass container. As the water evaporates from within the aqua pearls, the aroma of the essential oil will be released into your home.

Finding creative ways to put your aqua pearls to use doesn't have to be difficult. By converting your extra water beads into an ice pack or an air freshener, you allow your water beads to play a useful role in your daily life.